GE Ge Profile™ Opal™ 2.0 Ultra Nugget Ice Maker With Side Tank
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GE Profile™ Opal™ 2.0 Ultra Nugget Ice Maker with Side Tank


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  • Rapid Ice Production
  • The Good Ice - Chewable Nugget Ice
  • Fresh Batch Made Ice
  • Large Capacity Water Tank
  • Scale Inhibiting Filter

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Rapid Ice Production
Enjoy your first batch of ice in 10 minutes or less from this fast ice maker that produces 1.6 pounds of ice per hour or up to 38 pounds per day.

The Good Ice - Chewable Nugget Ice
This advanced nugget ice maker creates plenty of chewable, crunchable, craveable pellet ice that is ready fast, cools drinks quickly and is perfect for fun ice snacking.

Fresh Batch Made Ice
Enjoy the freshest ice thanks to a batch-based ice system that filters and recirculates water to continually create new, fresh ice.

Large Capacity Water Tank
This advanced nugget ice maker produces 3X more ice at a time and requires less frequent reservoir fills thanks to a large capacity, removable water tank.

Scale Inhibiting Filter
Get the freshest nugget ice thanks to an innovative scale-inhibiting water filter that reduces the solidification of scale within the ice maker, elongating time between maintenance while also removing bad flavors, chlorine and VOCs from the water.

Sleek Touch Display
Easily power your machine on and off, see machine statuses, start a cleaning cycle or connect to Wifi with an intuitive touch display that darkens when it is not in use for a sleek look that fits every kitchen.

Advanced Cleaning System
Skip the scrubbing thanks to an advanced cleaning system ice maker that helps sanitize and descale when used regularly, keeping ice tasting fresh and machine performance at its best.

Reusable Air Filter
Keep your ice production moving quickly thanks to a reusable air filter that prevents hair or debris from accumulating inside of the machine.

Built-In Wifi and Voice Control
Never run out of ice with built-in WiFi that lets you schedule ice production, receive maintenance alerts, update software, or order Opal accessories, all using the SmartHQ App or Amazon and Google Voice devices.

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